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FLUENT trades physical products including oil and its derivates.

We offer procurement, marketing, financing, and logistics services to our commercial partners.

FLUENT secures products through an extensive network of suppliers that have been developed by its founders over many years in the petroleum industry.

Our supplier network is made up of producers and refiners throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Sourcing and trading partners include oil majors, national oil companies, refineries, large traders and importers of oil products.

FLUENT also has access to producers and end users of petrochemicals, lubricants, aluminum and metallurgical coal as well as soft commodities, which are traded on a mandate basis.


FLUENT provides support for the setup and development of oil and commodity trading activities, including:

Trade finance, bank and investor relations

Set-up of physical trading desks

Set-up of paper trading desks

Trading strategy, identification and trading flows

Trends, players and markets

Risk management (price, FX, credit)


Corporate policies

Contract support




Storage (location, contracts, logistics)

IT systems


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FLUENT advises, structures and executes trades and investments in commodities with good liquidity and several financial products part of the commodities markets complex benchmark.

Traded derivatives are futures, cleared swaps, OTC forwards and options, including FX for both hedging and speculative positioning.

We leverage our existing global network to source, analyze and execute attractive investments across the globe.

FLUENT’s clients value our ability to manage dedicated portfolios and risk on their behalf.

We rely on the best professionals with experience at large commodities trading houses and banks.


FLUENT holds exclusive and non-exclusive mandates to acquire and sell mining and oil fields, including producing fields, marginal fields and conventional fields with low production costs and deployment of green technologies.

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Business Meeting


Fluent follows all aspects of a client’s transaction with diligence and competence.

Commercial: securing reliable sources of products and assets, getting access to international markets an niches while generating the maximum return possible.

Finance: securing financing for moving and trading products between buyers and sellers, managing the risks and raising capital for E&P, Greentech and EPC transactions.

Logistics: providing delivery capabilities for moving products to customers safely, efficiently, and timely while guaranteeing contractual performance.

Tax & Legal: optimizing the integrity of transactions and guarantee their performance.

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